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Wanted Bhim Army Founder Chandrasekhar aka Ravan Arrested: 10 Facts

Wanted Bhim Army Founder Chandrasekhar aka Ravan Arrested: 10 Facts

The man pursued by the police for his role in the recent clashes in Saharanpur Uttar caste Pradeshs was arrested this morning. Chandrasekhar, the founder of the Bhima Underground Army was located by the police in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh a station. The UP police had declared a reward of Rs. 12,000 for any information leading to the 30-year arrest, also known as Ravan. Chandrasekhar had said he would do if he was innocent of 37 Dalit – were released.
Here are the 10 first developments in the story:

As evaded the arrest of a month Chambarkharkhar mustache gave interviews to the media of a variety of oysters. He argued that in the atrocities committed against Dalits or disadvantaged communities increased as Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is responsible for two months.
Military lawyer Bhima was the subject of the media after clashes on May 5 between the dalits and Thakurs in a Saharanpur village, where one person was killed and several wounded.
Police officer Aditya Mishra said, “He (the Bhima army) started as an organization to help Dalits, but began to encourage evil dalits through social media. ”

According to police reports they followed Chandrasekhar followed their phone calls through which the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.
Chandrasekhar was last seen in public at a meeting in New Delhi on May 21, where thousands of his supporters wore Nehru navy hats and greet their young leader.
Chandrasekhar, wearing a blue scarf, called to defeat the “Hindutva” forces and declared his community just silent.

The Bhim Sena settled there over the two years in Saharanpur and gained great popularity among the Dalits.
The team is known to be aggressive in its campaign for Dalit empowerment, but is also known for its quick response to calls for help. The Bhim Sena manages nearly 300 roads or schools.
Over the years, the group was able to comment on the response to disillusioned Dalits judged by former Chief Minister Mayawati UP.
Affirms support in seven states, but their influence is limited mainly to Saharanpur, where he also mentored Mayawati Kanshi Ram began his political career.

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