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Myanmar missing plane crashed in Andaman Sea: Everything we know so far

Myanmar missing plane crashed in Andaman Sea: Everything we know so far

Myanmar’s military aircraft disappeared on Wednesday afternoon carrying 122 passengers, including several army officers and children. A search operation was immediately launched by the army, which was carried out throughout the night. According to recent reports, the research team has located the remains of missing plane with several bodies in the Andaman Sea. The cause of the plane crash is not yet clear at the moment. Investigators will get details of what happened, once they recover from the black box of the aircraft.
This is what we know so far about the incident:

What happened?
The military aircraft Y-8-200 F Myanmar disappeared Wednesday afternoon at 13:06 (local time in Myanmar). The military air carrier built in China took off from the coastal city of Myeik and was headed to the city of Yangon when it disappeared.

How many passengers were on the plane?
Previously, there were conflicting reports on the number of people on the plane, an initial report suggesting that there were 105 people on board. But later, the army confirmed that the plane was on its weekly military visit to the largest city of Yangon, with a total of 122 passengers. Between the passengers 108 soldiers with their relatives, as well as 14 members of the crew. According to a military communiqué quoted by Reuters, there were 15 children, 58 adults and 35 soldiers and officers of the aircraft at the time of their disappearance.
How does the missing plane work?

According to the army, the aircraft lost contact 29 minutes after the flight of 18,000 feet above the Andaman Sea. “The communication was suddenly lost at 13:35 (07:05 GMT) when it arrived about 20 miles west of the city of Dawei,” the commander’s office said in a statement, adding that the search and rescue Were on the march.

Asking what was wrong with the aircraft, the official reason for the loss of communication is unknown. “We do not know exactly what happened to this plane after the loss of contact,” said Kyaw Kyaw htey, head of civil aviation at Myeik Airport. He added that the weather was “normal” with clear visibility when the plane took off.

How has the army responded?
Once the plane disappeared, the army launched a search operation. Nine warships and three military aircraft were sent for the missing plane. The army suspects the plane crashed into the Andaman Sea. The army continued the search operation throughout the night.

How does the search operation work?
Around 8:25 am on Thursday (local time Myanmar), the military said they found the remains of the plane with a body in the Andaman Sea. “We found the plane and some bodies this morning around 8:25 (IST 0725),” a spokesman for the military intelligence team said.

Earlier, the local official had reported that the remains of the plane were found in the Andaman Sea on Wednesday night. “Parts of the damaged aircraft have now been found at sea 136 miles (218 km) from Dawei City,” said Zaw Naing Lin, a tourism official. He added that he was still looking at the sea. The cause of the accident is still unclear at the moment.

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