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From the President

Dear Friends,


othing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles, writes Ralph W. Emerson. I too believe in the power of self and principles, which we respect and stand for in our life. For me, this is all the more important as I have been entrusted with the responsibility of a leader. 1 consider it an absolute honour to serve my profession while joining the strong lineage of its leadership. Albert Einstein quite beautifully links human endeavours and excellence: We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility. And I promise to do justice to my responsibilities in that sense too.

It is indeed a privilege to communicate as 63rd President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants Df India and welcome and express my gratitude to ill its stakeholders. I wish to record my gratitude to ill my Council colleagues for demonstrating trust in my leadership—for my election as Vice-President in 2014 and now as President in 2015.1 wish to thank my xaternity for extending their help and support on all :oveted instances.

I also wish to thank my predecessor-in-office CA: K. Raghu, who has guided and supported me during my tenure as Vice-President of the Institute. The Institute has certainly benefitted from his penchant for IT aspects of the profession. Associating with him has added to my professional understanding. I am fortunate to receive his continued support in our quest for holistic professional growth.

I congratulate my Central Council colleague CA. M. Devaraja Reddy on his election as the new Vice-President of the Institute. I am sure, his rich professional experience including his recent stint as Chairman of the Board of Studies of the Institute, especially in conceptualising a new futuristic CA Curriculum, will help us. His contribution will certainly benefit the profession at large and also help me in executing my agenda of growth.

Increased Share in Government’s Agenda It is satisfying that our nation has taken a serious note of our contribution and duly appreciated the same. Even the representatives from the Government have recognised that we are in sync with our times. I accept with pride that we constantly endeavour to become contemporary with training and technology. In fact, we work hard to constantly update both our curriculum and publications. We have been helping the Government to shift to that accrual system of accounting. Supporting the green initiatives, we have already started our journey towards a paperless system. With our financial expertise, we are helping the Government in performing its job better and thereby partnering in the nation-building process. This year, we plan to increase our engagement with standing committees of the Parliament by submitting more representations.

Lok Sabha Speaker Appreciates ICAI Recently I had an opportunity to meet the Hon’ble Lok Sabha Speaker Smt. Sumitra Mahajan in Indore, the unanimously elected Speaker, who serves the Lok Sabha for the eighth term. Having interests in women’s welfare and social reforms, she was really happy to know that ICAI too has these welfare issues on its agenda. On behalf of the profession, I have assured her of our continued support.

Expectations from Union Budget 2015-16 By the time my message reaches you, the Union Budget and the Rail Budget for 2015-16 would have been presented. Having high expectations from this Government’s first full Budget in the backdrop of our recovering economy, growing investor confidence and bringing inflation in control


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