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Convicted killer executed after Va. governor declined clemency bid

Convicted killer executed after Va. governor declined clemency bid

William C. Morva was executed Thursday night in Virginia, after supporters failed to convince the Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) that mental illness Morva deserved mercy and life in killing 2006 a deputy sheriff and guard Hospital security without weapons.

Morva was pronounced dead at 9:15 am, according to Lisa Kinney, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections. “When asked if he had a last word, M. Morva replied” no, “Kinney said. The execution was carried out without complications. ”

McAuliffe, who personally opposes the death penalty, said he would not stop the execution because he is convinced that morva had a fair trial. The governor also rejected claims that Morva was having delusions at the time of the shooting.

“After a thorough review and deliberation, not find sufficient grounds in the petition or M. Morva records to justify the overthrow of the will of the jury that convicted” McAuliffe said in a statement.

As governor, McAuliffe blocked a scheduled execution in April, but allowed two more to proceed.
When asking for leniency, the morgue lawyer said that members of the jury who sentenced him to death have not been informed of the seriousness of his mental illness. His case became part of a broader national effort to eliminate the death penalty for people with diseases such as delusional morbidity.

In response to the governor’s decision Thursday, the legal team of Morva said the execution “will not make our community safer. It’s not the” worst of the worst “for which it is assumed that the death penalty for Be reserved.He is a person with a serious mental illness whose delicate and sensitive behavior was carried out by his chronic psychotic disorder. ”

“William seems to go to his grave not having received treatment,” said attorney Dawn Davison of the Virginia Capital Representation Resource Center in a statement.

Morva, 35, was sentenced in 2008 for the draw, of course. Eric Sutphin and security guard Derrick McFarland hospital after escaping from custody.

His clemency effort gained the support of local, national and international advocates by lobbying to prevent states from executing people with serious mental illness.

Amnesty International, the ACLU of Virginia and mental health organizations have sent more than 30,000 requests for McAuliffe asking him to commute the death sentence of Morva.

More than two dozen members of the General Assembly of Virginia and three state representatives in Congress, all Democrats, also called McAuliffe to block the execution. On Wednesday, one of the daughters of MP Sheriff Killed said he had also written to McAuliffe to support pardon for the man who killed his father.

Morva was to be executed by lethal injection at 9 am. At Greensville Correctional Center, about 160 miles south of Washington. It was performed with a combination of three drugs including midazolam.

The controversial sedative has been used in the executions of other states that apparently were prolonged and painful.

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