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CNN’s Threat against a Redditor

CNN’s Threat against a Redditor

If you are going to create bad memories for attention, ask people to give credit for these same ones and celebrate when the United States president shares one with its approximately 33 million followers, who have no sympathy for you. You are not a martyr to the cause of freedom of speech.

There was a moment in anonymity has allowed Americans to unpopular or unconventional beliefs to their arguments without retribution fear. Today, the Internet has created an environment that will encourage people to create messages of hatred to make the troll and harass.

Again, this story is not really about online harassment or the user of Reddit “Hana ** holeSolo” who took the credit to create a gif President Trump body beating a fighter – this, I feel the need to reiterate, This is a fake violence – with a CNN logo imprinted on his face. The story itself does not mean much.

This is how CNN sites do these days: how they react exaggeratedly to everything the president did, and the number of newsrooms today give people one way and destroy others.

Find Hana ** holeSolo started before someone knew that he was responsible for anti-Semitic or intolerant positions. CNN found its identity because it committed crimes of thought, CNN worse mocked.

The story was bound to link a tweet that CNN Trump circumvented in an incredible memory maker and exploded. This is because new organizations have become obsessed with fighting the Trump instead of covering it. For the sanctifieuse self-defense of the importance of journalism in the Trump era, stories like these have no real purpose.

This piece has not educated viewers in the underbelly of social media, or the habits of the president, or whatever. It was not a discussion of ideas or politics. It was not entertainment.

It was a storyline result of hysteria that erupted in a same stupid retweeted Trump. CNN does is to induce a random troll to go back and apologize for his wrong defense.

While we recognize that there is good reason to find a creator, even on Reddit, why did the network have no name? Without the name, in fact, there is no real story.

CNN says it has maintained the cartel’s anonymity to protect its security. Does this say that anti-Trump militants will hurt man? What was said that there would be no repercussions for the things we say? Is not this protection offered to all Americans? Also, the room itself and CNN personalities waves that question the idea that their name was not revealed to protect security.

It is clear that if Hana ** holeSolo replied to CNN saying “No, I do not feel, losers”, that was expelled. “CNN does not publish the name of Hana ** holeSolo because he is a private citizen who has made a big statement of apology, showed remorse, saying that he had removed all his offensive messages, and because” he said that ugly behavior will not be repeated in Social networking again, “said a CNN piece.

If Hana ** holeSolo never come back to their damaging ways of doing it, “CNN reserves the right to publish your identity if one of these changes is changing.” It’s a threat. There is simply no other way for an open person to understand the meaning of the line.

I have read thousands of new writing and many of them, and I can not think of a single instance of a similar disclaimer of liability clause. CNN has absolved man of his sins – for now.

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