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CNN’s Acosta slammed for saying Trump held ‘fake news conference’

CNN’s Acosta slammed for saying Trump held ‘fake news conference’

Journalist NN Jim Acosta took conservative Twitter warmth on Twitter after the combative correspondent has accused the president of Trump for taking a “false press conference” – and later extended it from “false news” when Trump said he had been through High the number of intelligence agencies comes to the conclusion that Russia is despised in the presidential election.

At a joint press conference with President Andrzej Duda Poland, Trump took questions from reporters on The Daily Mail and MSNBC. But that apparently was not good enough for Acosta, who is no stranger to training with Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“Trump finally held a press conference abroad, but took a question from a fellow journalist and then attacked CNN as” false news “said Acosta, who added. Is this not a “false press conference” to pose a question to a journalist who is essentially an ally of the White House? ”
Acosta apparently referred to David Martosko, the American political editor The Daily Mail, who was considered last month for a concert at the Trump communication service, but was removed from his account.

But social media observers quickly criticized snorky posts Acosta, noting that the Obama administration has not stopped helping journalists and columnists suggest that former President Barack Obama and his team systematically call reporters friends.

“So, according to this logic, I had the whole press conference for the last 8 years #fakenews Jim?” Wrote Donald Trump Jr ..

White House press secretary, former Bush Ari Fleischer said, “Jim – take care of guessing how many questions I had with the reporters who joined Obama in WH?”

Radio operator Steve Deace picked up the line: “Jim, more than two dozen journalists” went to work for Obama WH, including the former WH spokesman. ”

A section of the Atlantic of 2013 pointed out that Rick Stengel, general manager of the time, was “at least the 24 journalist who works for the Obama administration.” Former White House press secretary Jay Carney Obama had also worked for Time as head of the Washington office, which Deace reports. Other outlets defeated as politician, The Washington Post, National Journal and Chicago Tribune to take on roles with Obama.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta, President, opposes Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer.
Apart from the Twitter battles, Acosta also met some issues in the air on Thursday.

During the “New Day” CNN after the joint press conference of Trump Acosta repeated “false news” – a phrase that Trump often used to refer to CNN, including Thursday – to describe Trump’s answer given a question about the Russia’s interference in the presidential elections in the United States.

“The other thing that was a” false news “President Trump is when he said:” Well, I still hear that there are 17 intelligence agencies that say Russia is despised in the elections, I think it’s only three or four, “Acosta said.

“Where does this number come from? Where does this number” three or four “come from? … My suspicion is that if we go to the administration and this question, I am not so sure that you will get an answer.

However, there is an answer.

The New York Times – and other outlets – had reported that for months “17 US intelligence agencies” agreed that Russia orchestrated cyber attacks before the election.

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