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Bihar political crisis is a poisoned chalice for Nitish as BJP readies ammo ahead of Bihar Assembly session

The next session of the Bihar Assembly from Friday probably bear witness to political forms and difficult strategic guidelines for the growth of the cracks between Janata Dal (States) (JD (U)) and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) will make the Task of maintaining great alliance hard float.

The main minister of Bihar is already under pressure to avoid the embarrassment of having to defend, or worse, ignore allegations of corruption against the son of Lalu chief Prasad Yadav RJD Tejashwi Yadav, who is also his deputy in the cabinet.

But with aggressive BJP that stops the attack for the next session of the Assembly, Babu Sushasan (man of good government), as usually called prime minister, who resolves no compromise with his own image, will be detestable would make him deputy minister in the camera.

The frayed nerves of alliance partners were evident on Wednesday when JD (U) and RJD have called for separate meetings of their legislators to prepare for the Assembly session, which begins Friday. Lalu was first announced that he would meet his lawmakers before the assembly session with JD (T) near his heels to call one of his own.

Alliance Partners organize joint meetings traditionally prior to Assembly sessions to develop a combined strategy. However, as media companies have seized the news and played in the context of tense relations within the alliance, a hasty wine announcement that the joint meeting will be convened effect.

Prior to that, the state president of JD (T) Bashistha Narain Singh, had dealt with all media channels within the party, asking the spokesman to refrain from making statements until additional instructions are issued, according to News18.

The decision seems to have come as a fixed point of view in the differences arising from the media alliance. With the session of the assembly of a few days, JD (U) would not serve to the BJP a new controversy on a plate, if a loose tongue says something illicit. The BJP opposition has already said it would not quit if the House does not resign, it told CNN-News.

Meanwhile, efforts to alleviate the harassment of besieged allies appear to have worked. The Tejashwi demonstration with Nitish last week also failed with the chief minister of Bihar, telling his aide that his arguments based on ignorance and early age were not enough to give him a good concern.

Party sources said the two leaders also discussed how to hold opposition parties together for future policy, but again, they could not make substantial progress.

Nitish Saturday met with Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi hoping he could persuade the grand old party to convince Lalu Tejashwi’s resignation and save his flushes. It was not known whether the prime minister of Bihar could obtain guarantees from Congress.

What happened between Rahul and Nitish has not been officially revealed, but Congressional sources have said the two leaders discussed the current political situation and the solution could destabilize tension among the Allies, according to IANS.

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