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Bihar Assembly trust vote LIVE updates: CM Nitish Kumar wins floor test with 131 votes

A day after Nitish Kumar was sworn in as head of Bihar, with the support of the NDA JD (T) -BJP alliance prove their majority in a soil analysis Friday.

The vote of confidence is essential, as the former partners of the Janata Dal coalition and the Rashtriya Congress have, respectively, 80 and 27 parliamentarians. JD (U) with its own 71 MLAs in the assembly, also supports 53 BJP MLAs and 8 others.

Former Deputy Minister Tejashwi Yadav, said on Thursday they had the numbers to form a government. He also reiterated the statement by Father Lalu Prasad Yadav that Nitish had “content” unjustly several lawmakers JD (U).

After resigning as Prime Minister of the Great Alliance from corruption charges against the leaders of the RJD, Nitish has accepted the support of the NDA to form a new government in Bihar.

This prompted a number of accusations the opposition accuses of Nitish political opportunism since it had previously criticized BJP and Narendra Modi during the Bihar Assembly elections in 2015.

01:10 pm: Thursday NDA alliance has submitted a list of 132 MLA to the governor – JD (T) 71, 53 BJP, LSB 2, LJP 2 HAM 1 and 3. The independents with 131 votes in their talk, will now form The government with CM Nitish Kumar to lead the affairs.

13:05: CM Bihar Nitish Kumar won the test field with 131 votes in favor. 108 parliamentarians voted against the motion.

13 hours: Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi thanked Congress and RJD. “If Tejashwi resigned, I would not have been there,” he said he was at the meeting. “The mandate of the people was not to value the property” Benami “It was not ‘Benami’ the owner of 26 properties in 26 years,” he added.

12:55 am: Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi had asked prime minister Thursday to ask for a vote of confidence in the two days of interrogations. Live broadcasts of the house are prohibited and reporters are not allowed to use their mobile phones inside.

12 h 50: “Secularity should not be used to justify corruption. They are not compatible with people who make money through wrong paths,” says CM Nitish in the assembly.

12h45: “The Government will continue to serve the people of Bihar. We will not tolerate corruption and injustice,” said CM Nitish Kumar at the meeting.

12:40: Soil analysis starts at the Bihar Assembly. CM Nitish Kumar led the meeting and said that power was meant to serve people, not to make a profit.

12:35 pm: CM Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi met early the day before the vote of confidence in the Bihar Assembly.

12.30: The Supreme Court of Patna was postponed until Monday, July 31 reported PTI. The hearing on two PILs challenging the new government is scheduled for Monday.

The petitions sought the court order to issue a directive to invite the single party leader to form the government in the state.

12:20 PM CM Nitish Kumar needs the support of 122 deputies to win the vote of confidence. The Bihar Assembly has 243 seats.

12:15: According to ANI reports, Tejashwi ordered CM Nitish, “Yogi Adityanath and some BJP leaders have serious cases registered against them asking everyone to resign?”

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