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28 Dead and 3 Wounded After Brawl at Mexican Prison

28 Dead and 3 Wounded After Brawl at Mexican Prison

MEXICO CITY – A fight between rival gangs in a Mexican city jail in Acapulco has left at least 28 people dead and three wounded, officials said.

Violence began before dawn, when security forces regained control of the prison several hours later, bodies were scattered around two blocks of cells, including a kitchen, a garden and an area reserved for conjugal visits , According to a statement by Roberto Álvarez Heredia, a security spokesman for Guerrero, a state on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

The army, the federal police and the feds were called to restore order. The state governor has ordered an investigation, said M. Alvarez, adding that the investigation could include “all officials of the penitentiary system.”

It was only the latest episode of violence in Mexico in recent days to end a large number of bodies, and murders were added to the high number of homicides in the country. At the current pace, Mexico is at the forefront of the most emotional year in recent history.

The prison riot came a day after battles between drug gangs in the state of Chihuahua, north have left at least 14 dead and three days after nine people died in the state of Puebla to the east of the city of Mexico, in a dispute over control over the lucrative stolen fuel trade, officials said.

Last Friday, 19 people died in the state of Sinaloa, northwest, in the shooting of fire between police and gunmen.

These violent outbreaks have highlighted the deterioration of security in Mexico as homicides have reached record levels. Officials opened 2,186 homicide investigation in May, the highest monthly number since the government began the publication of homicide statistics for two decades.

In all 9900 homicide investigations were opened during the first five months of the year, 30 percent compared to the same period last year.

Experts say the rise in violence reflects an increasingly volatile criminal landscape, which resulted in part from the long-standing strategy of the Mexican government to continue Reyes’ guards as a means of disrupting organized crime.

This approach, first promoted by President Felipe Calderón and continued by his successor, President Enrique Peña Nieto, has eliminated the powerful leaders of the crime – such as Joaquin Guzman Loera, known as El Chapo – but fragmentation stimulated monolithic enterprises instead a series of bands Smaller battling bloody series of battles.

In addition, analysts, criminal groups that have focused exclusively on drug trafficking have diversified their businesses, have become such companies as extortion, kidnapping, gasoline theft and illegal gambling.
Changes in control policy after the last regional and local elections also contributed to the outbreak of violence, experts say, because of the arrival of new leaders, it dissolves old pacts between corrupt officials and criminal groups.

After reaching a high in 2011 under M. Calderón, the number of homicides fell sharply, but began to increase in 2014.

The increase in homicides was more scattered than the last wave, and many things have happened in relatively quiet places.

Criminal groups have exercised much control over at least a partial blockade of some Mexican prisons, and deadly violence between rival gangs erupting from time to time.

In February 2016, at least 49 prisoners were killed in a bout between rival groups in a prison in northern Nuevo Leon state.

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